Internet usage in 2017: an ever-expanding web?

Paint the world in your colour...

Paint the world in your colour…

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine that there are more than 7 billion people on the earth. 7.46 billion to be precise (a figure, which, of course, rises by the second). It’s a figure that dazzles our poor brains, that defies the wide walls of our imagination. But, for the record, that’s 7.46 billion hearts, beating with anticipation, 14.92 billion pairs of hands, 14.92 billiom pairs of eyes…

And another staggering fact? Over half of that total population now has internet access. More than 3.7 billion users on the net – with some countries, the UAE and Iceland, for instance, enjoying close to 100% market penetration. It’s enough to send us digital curators scurrying for the dark corner of the office. How, how do we cope with the knowledge of so many customers to reach, of so many customers to please? Well…
What else is there to know?

Before we talk about how to deal with the implications of these facts, here’s a few more to deal with:

  • There are now 2.8 billion social media users (up 21% on 2016 – imagine if they all tweeted at once?);
  • Users, across the globe, regularly spend upwards of 4 hours a day on the web;
  • Global digital sales in 2016 were worth more than $2.4 trillion dollars;
  • Mobile now counts for more than 50% of web traffic.

Digital tactics in the age of infinite reach?

Consider that last fact again: digital now counts for more than 50% of web traffic. We can remember that particular rubicon – that mobile would eventually count for more than half of all web traffic – being talked about as far back as 2010. It’s here now. What do we do about that?

In truth, our feeling is that we keep on keeping on: keep on providing engaging content, keep on working towards sustainable SERPs, keep on growing customer loyalty, keep on working on UX, with a particular view to increasing page speeds (data suggests 40% of customers will bounce after a 3-second load time. Oof.). Because, what, if anything has changed? The number of eyes (14.92 billion, and counting, remember) might be growing, but what we need to produce for those eyes, to keep them happy, to keep them, stays pretty much the same.

So, here at ForwardDigital, while we boggle at the sheer weight of numbers, at the implications of the scope of our digital future, we think we’re ready for what’s to come, for what’s already here. Bring on the billions, we say.

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