All change? TV, tablets, smartphones, wearables and buyer behaviour in 2017

Sofa surfing in 2017

Sofa surfing in 2017

One of the consistent marketing challenges we all face is keeping up with buyer behaviour and successfully, and coherently, tracking the customer journey – across multiple platforms and multiple devices. How do we predict, manage and integrate? How do we ‘know’ where best to target, and when? With such a bewildering array of devices available, and at every possible moment, how do we deal with the anxiety of ensuring we’re there when it matters?

Surfing habits
Consider a couple of average households: a working couple, incredibly busy throughout the day, sitting down to dinner and then catching up with a favourite show to relax; or a family, after school, rushing through dinner before crashing on the sofa together to watch a film.

It used to be such a simple prospect; a simple ‘reach’: a TV advert, perhaps something on the radio, or in a magazine. Now? Now you need to consider that the TV is on (Netflix? iPlayer? YouTube?), both of the couple are on a smartphone, there’s a tablet on the table and the new wearable on each wrist is blinking… As for the family, the potential combination of devices is beyond confusing into the downright bewildering.

OTT & DRTV marketing
Also, consider that ‘TV’ doesn’t always mean the traditional sense of TV. OTT content is seeing a massive upsurge in popularity, with the UK second only to the US in terms of customers consuming content from OTT providers with 51% subscribing to providers as Amazon and Netflix. As such, the very notion of capturing this audience – with DRTV marketing in particular – has changed irrevocably, right?

Our core values
Well, yes and no. As far as we are concerned at Forward Digital, things haven’t changed that much. At the centre of things remains a core marketing campaign, built on coherent messaging and a strong brand profile. Our job is to ensure we combine this brand solidity with a mix of immediacy and flexibility, focusing on targeted campaigns that best fit your user base. Wherever, and however, your customers arrive at your content, we want recognition, trust and a sense of conviction. The mode may change, but these core values remain.

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